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More Pictures &
information about the 
Synchro-Link Truck


More About
The Truck

A good example of the lack of common sense, since all you've done with it is kill people with it.

Eliminate the need for seasonal trucks.

Reduce licensing fees by reducing fleet size

Reduce workman comp claims by allowing beds/bodies/containers to be loaded at ground level.

Loads payloads with less tip than any hook-lift system.

Quick change functions in under 1 minute (dump body, open-top container, flatbed, water tank, etc...).

Easy in-cab operation, with two switches.


"Change is the law of life.
And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."
-- John F. Kennedy

The Tooler is good for other things too
The Tooler and the inventor Sunnyside with his surf boards.

The Other Inferior Systems Available

Roll Off Camper with surfboard


Helpful Hints

Photos & Information


If you are wondering why you don't have a Synchro-link, check out -
Introduction @ 

Or read Numbers
and then
Numbers Game

Synchro-link mini roll off truck sloping back



mini roll off truck

Synchro-woody 4.7

Tooler Tool box on Synchro-link truclk

woody on back of a synchro-link

Introducing the Synchro-Link,
the most versatile work truck in the world.
It's a whole fleet of trucks in one and it will revolutionize the way agriculture and construction work will be done in the future.

Synchro-link can change the way we work out of our trucks, save on operating expenses and make daily operations more efficient.

Most importantly: Synchro-link can save your back.
and kill lots of people for profit

With sludge in hand

Caddy trunk by synchro-link
Caddy Trunk
@ Synchro-Link

Synchro-link mini roll off truck sloping back

Dennis James Sattler

Has had family and friend killed.

By Steven Spielberg and Barack Obama
Steven Speilberg's goal wast to clone Dennis Sattler and Replace him.

On the other hand was the government ever since Bill Clinton has been involved in trying to steal my inventions and then gained forces with Spielberg to try to clone Sattler.

Through the Bush and Obama years the military has been aiding in the theft of the Synchro-link system for Lockheed Marten as well as other defense contractors to profit from.

Barack Obama has just ordered up another 1,200 unites on top of the other 1,000 that I know of that were given to the Iraqi's and then the Iraqi's are and have been selling them to ISIS at 4 cents on a dollar.

More information at

Guess what Craps?

Louis Craps

Congress woman Louis Caps

Louis Capps

Making millions from the defense contractors by aiding them the efforts to steal inventions from the inventor Dennis Sattler of the Synchro-link by the way of criminal prosecution for hire and using San Luis Obispo as a social experiment.
More info to the story at:


Synchro-link Roll Off Camper and Tooler tool box

Roll-off Camper and Synchro-tooler.

One day I was thinking about putting a cube on the back of a new cab and chassis I was about to receive and when I discovered a special price on heavy duty trailer jacks, it got me thinking about being able to take the cube off so I could use it as a job shack from time to time. If I could do that, I could put a flat bed on it for the summer also.

But then I thought about the camper routine I'd experienced in the past. With something being so big and heavy, it would be real tipsy and I was sure it would take up half my mornings out there in the rain trying to change the payloads.
     Then I thought: How automatic could I make it?

Something like a mini roll off truck was the most logical solution. But to make it work on a shorter wheel base lighter truck there were a few issues to resolve. Most importantly, the frame rails had to be kept short and I noticed that many of the roll off companies were lowering there pivot points in an effort to do just that to keep the frame rails shorter. But the draw-back of doing so is that it sacrifices some of the dump angle. 

Steven Spielberg in jail

Another Sicko
Steven Spielberg
arrested and living in a double wide trailer in a prison yard.

He thought he would be able to make the ultimate movie and it didn't matter to him if the conspiracy was not only wrong, but illegal as well.
     Spielberg had the inventor Dennis Sattler's family and friend murdered and he tried to clone the person of history 8 times.

And the Award shows: they are protecting his image with the use of the green screen tricks
     Now they are trying to tell people that he is away on a sailing trip around the world. Yeah right.
     I'm left wondering if he was involved in the criminal activity I received from government officials in San Luis Obispo County. I'm sure he was adding problems to the my life anyway he could. I'm willing to bet that is why this inventor of the Synchro-link wasn't about to get political asylum in Australia.

I used a match book cover for a straight edge on a scrape piece paper to play around with a few ideas by moving pivot point just to prove my theory on the negative effects of of lowering the pivot point wish is that you loose tilt angle. After playing around with the geometry a bit, I came up with the idea of moving the pivot point back and down with the use of a link member, and it became what one may call a pivotal-link method of dump. With just a sketch and comparing distances marked on the edge of the match book, it looked as the most efficient way to go.

I call it the Synchro-link method because of the complex operating systems that can be involved when working together with the front telescopic cylinders.  

Patent Drawings




Compare to

Compare to
Other Conventional
Roll-Off Systems

I figured that I could just buy the equipment and build it myself. Having the welding equipment meant that I could build many other kinds of beds for it too.
         That was the part I wanted to get to, but this is America, things like this just don't happen in your back yard. If so, you pay for it with your life.

Building the Proto-Type

Carrier boom of roll off system

Caddy Trunk

ISIS is getting a hell of a deal:

I don't know if I heard it wrong, but I think my Angles even tried to tell me that within this $2 Billion Dollar check for war machinery we are giving to Iraq; apparently the Pentagon put in an order of another 1,200 of my trucks.
       So I got out my calculator and played with some numbers and at a total of 2,200 units, ISIS will have only paid $20 Million for $550 million dollars worth of trucks.
       Get this, of those, you owe me over $84 Million.
       On the back of those truck, if they hold 24 hellfire Missiles, @ $67,000.oo each you've also handed over $_______ Billions worth of destruction .
       What a mighty fine way of burning up you kids money.

And whether you give a damn; I updated my web-page on war a little bit.

Bing Bang Boom

Kind of silly having a web-site to inform people about how handy a mini roll-off truck would be,
but I didn't think it would be hard to explain to a carpenter in Australia, just how handy a sawzall is either.  Rule 16

Then again, I never thought it would be 20 years later,
and the only thing human beings learned to use it for is killing people.

Synchro-link Killing Machine

mini roll off truck

The most effective killing machine we have, because there is no need for a forklift or crane to reload it.
      Price Tag paid to Lockheed Martin for each stolen launcher is $250,000.oo
      Death Toll at 3,300 Palestinians in 2014
Used for the destruction of the Gaza Strip
      Obama cuts a $420,000,000.oo check to reload during cease-fire
      Obama cuts another $212,000,000.oo check to
help rebuild the Gaza Strip.
       Of thatcheck to rebuild the Gaza Strip, the Hamas terrorist organization received $75 Million of it to build more missiles to launch into Israel to keep everything going as it is.

Of course I had better uses in mind when I invented it, but we are breeding stupid people and the US Government is all about profits for the defense contractors involved in building the evil war machine.

And wasn't it just six months ago that the US Government said that they won't negotiate with Hamas because they are known to be a terrorist organization? And now the US Government is giving them $212 Million?
       While Isreal only spends $75 Million on their own Defense budgit, the US Government gives Israel $5 Billion every year in aid to thier defense budget.
       And let's not forget that Obama just cut a check for $420,000,000.00 for Israel to reload while there was a ceasefire going on.

But what is really going on is the US is funding the manufacturing of military equipment by subsidizing the industry that is built up in Israel making it the 4th largest defense contractor in the world and they don't even let the US know where the equipment the US paid to manufacture, -end up. (Could be any country or organization.)

sign displaying Morro Bay News and Information

synchro-link roll off truck

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