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I think my system would serve people best if I just built my own truck chasses, and built the system and truck as a complete unit. It would be stronger, lighter, and have a lower center of gravity for the payloads. If you have already read My Next Truck, you will understand more about how I plan to do it.

To sum it up, load it up with missiles and give the most efficient killing machine to the Islamic State. Then you've got a hell of a war to spend your money on.

My Next Truck


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My Next Truck

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The Proposed factory

If you ask any of my customers about the quality of my work and I'm sure they'd tell you they have gotten their money's worth. Maybe it's because they got the extras they didn't know they had paid for. And if you read my journal, I'm sure you would appreciate the quality of workmanship I like to see. I'd bet if you knew me well, you would be convinced that I'm the one who you would prefer to have building the truck, and I'm sure the insurance companies feel the same way.

Another benefit of manufacturing the truck and system on my own is that I would set up a private corporation to do it. It wouldn't be one you would find on the New York Stock Exchange. Therefore you wouldn't find investors dumping tons of money into it only expecting profits in return. The result would be that my products would never get nickeled and dimed to death as a way of achieving profitability for blood sucking stock holders.

I feel that my stock should be held by the suppliers and investors who see the possibilities beforehand and risk their cash up front to get the truck manufacturing up and running. I don't want to have board members dictating which way the company should go. They’re just a bunch of stuffed shirts as far as I'm concerned. If people don't think I know how to find the right kind of people I'd need to run my company, they should take their money elsewhere.




My grandfather was buddies with one of Tucker's main men. My dad even rode in the back of one of the first 30 Tucker automobiles. There was only 30 with 500 HP the rest had only 300.

My das said there was a neon sign set up in the back window of the Tucker. That way after they'd pass someone, they would turn on the light that said, " You've just been passed by a Tucker automobile."
Apparently Chrysler bought off a bunch of Tucker's suppliers.

One of these days I'll write more about the Tucker.
(I already have, I just need to dig it up.)

January   8, 2007:
I've been checking into places and ways to incorporate. You'd be amazed at what I have found out. Like how these guys like Rupert Murdoch are able to pay less in taxes with the use of offshore corporations. His parent company is still in Australia which happens to be considered off shore.  Like did you know that the money from 20th Century Fox goes to the Cayman Islands.              
Corporations like Disney pay about   23-27% in corporate tax. Murdouck manages to  pay out only 5.7%.

The thing I wanted to do is to be able to sell stock in my own company over the Internet with the use of my sites. Well, I guess the Panamanian government has come up with such a deal, but just trying to stay out of trouble with one government isn't enough, it's the foreign banks you'd have to deal with that scare the hell out of me.

In the US, there is a way of incorporating (SEC Form D) and selling up to a million dollars in stock in 12 mouths. But you pretty much need $50,000.00 in capital already and there is a further amount of paper work to do for each state you want to sell in. And in each state one could find a dead end.
                    Then there is the whole thing about passing a brokerage exam if you don't want to hand over brokerage fees. There are two states that would be the ones to consider for me. Delaware is better if you plan to go public and have your company listed on the stock market need better protection for the share holders.
              But Nevada would be better for a start up company. And someone like me would probably start out with an S-Corporation, and the go standard after the number of share holders exceeds the limit.
            To be frank, I haven't allowed myself enough time to learn about how I'd set it up. I feel that I  know enough about it to be dangerous at it.     




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