Caddy Trunk

caddy truck for sychro-link mini roll off truck

The original Caddy Trunk before it had front wheels and railings.

In this picture,
you can see how I had to place the caddy trunk on a bucket.
Boy wasn't that a bitch knocking it over.

The third Caddy trunk revived as of Sept. '08


The third generation of my Caddy Trunk.
(Notice the deeper trunk)



I think it's pretty neat. like a portable pick up I can roll about in my one car garage.

Dec.30,'11: The front legs worked just fine over the years, but after having a bunch of stuff on it and then a driveway that is a road with a bad slope come into play; I got a run-a-way Caddy Trunk a few too many times. And it wasn't designed for running into curbs. So this week we got it reconditioned with additional support.

Caddy trunk legs reconditioned
Caddy trunk legs supports

Introducing the most efficient Tool Box system ever

The Synchro-Tooler

Less than 14 ft. of storage space is needed
when the Caddy-Trunk is placed underneath the Tooler.
Wooden wheels have proven to be non-marking on asphalt.


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August  29th, 2008:You may like to have a look at the progress on Caddie Trunk #3,... This is the first one having all new lumber. The hardware is what just naturally transformed into being a part of it. The legs are made from an old weight lifting bench I found in a scrap pile. The Rustolum gloss blue sure produced a shinny finish on the legs and side rail hardware. I'm going to put a coat of stain to the old side boards I made out of some scrape several years ago. We'll call it fowe finish, but hey they do the job.

I think it's pretty neat. Like a portable pick up I can roll about in my one car garage.


Wooden dumpster for a Synchro-link



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