Those Pesky Germans

July 14th, 2008:While I was parked down at the Tidelands Waterfront Park, I was approached by a few German guys who seemed to be amused by my truck. They wanted to know about it but they couldn't grasp the significance of it because they just wanted me to amuse them with it. They were clueless and nothing seemed to ring a bell. I got the impression that they were about the dumbest Germans I've ever met. However, ;the funny thing about the encounter was that it wasn't going to be our last.

The next morning I woke up to a bunch of clanging noises. When I finally got out of bed to find out what all the commotion was; I discovered that the noise was from a crew that had used ramps to back out a couple proto-type test vehicles of the new VW pickups.
      The same idiots from the night before were telling me that my truck was a piece of shit truck because it had a big V-8 that destroys the environment. And that their was better because it doesn't hurt the environment.

These guys called my truck, "a piece of shit truck."

There is one thing I'd like to say to them.
        That they would do more harm to the environment building ten of their trucks to do what one of mine can do.
   If you think your SUV with a box on the back is a truck, well you've got a lot to learn about trucks.
   And you should know that my truck doesn't have a V-8.
   I guess they've been killing the smart guys in Germany too, because these guys were a bunch of morons.

The problem with VWs, is that just about every time you need to work on one, you find out that you need a special tool. Even the mechanics who work on them for a living can't even do side jobs at home.

The Germans may be into a stack of computers in the back seat and all, but I'm more in to the portable pickup truck I can push around in my garage.>

Its only Junk

My bit on Belinda Stronach and the Magna International Inc.
her father Frank Stronach
(from Austria) founded in Canada.
(April 11, 2007 )

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Its only Junk


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August  29th, 2008:You may like to have a look at the progress on Caddie Trunk #3,... This is the first one having all new lumber. The hardware is what just naturally transformed into being a part of it. The legs are made from an old weight lifting bench I found in a scrap pile. The Rustolum gloss blue sure produced a shinny finish on the legs and side rail hardware. I'm going to put a coat of stain to the old side boards I made out of some scrape several years ago. We'll call it fowe finish, but hey they do the job.

I think it's pretty neat. Like a portable pick up I can roll about in my one car garage.


If you do decide to buy a new automobile, I hope it's a decision that you have thought about for a while. Just as you may want to think about how short amount of time a few months would be to custom  order it direct from the factory. For one thing, you'll save around $1,000.oo alone for not paying the advertising fees, a car on the car lot will have attached to it.
            Those advertising dollars are why to don't see me or my truck on TV.

And - Oprah never gave way 250 cars;            General Motors did.


Oct. 21,'08: I found this thread over at CR4, a place where engineers hang out. I have to say I agree with these guys for the most part. The interesting thing about it is that it clears up a lot of mis-conceptions about the Hydrogen Car. They know of the problems associated with it. Like one thing I didn't realise is the they tend to leak out the hydrogen. So the storage tank may not stay as full as you left it for one thing. And another thing is that the energy needed to make the hydrogen, can end up polluting more than a car driven on Natural Gas.
    There is a post mentioning the percentage factors of the different pollutants that are emitted from Gas, Diesel, -verses- Natural gas.
Check it out
Where Are Al@ CR4 Globalspec the HydroGen Cars


And for those who think we should become independent upon oil from other counties. You don't know what you are talking about, because I did the math. If the US used only US oil, the US would run out of oil in less than three years. So I say buy it up from other countries, as much as we can get at no matter what the price, because in a long run, who ever has oil in the end wins.       We shouldn't even be burning petroleum in are vehicles and we should be saving the oil for plastics and rubber.
      What gets me is: Australia doesn't have any oil, however they have natural gas, yet they pay a premium for gas and diesel. But the real troubling thing about it is that they are building ships with big tanks to ship natural gas to other countries. I gotta tell you that there is something wrong with that. 
   Another thing that is happening, is that Officials from Russia, Iran and Quatar are meeting to discuss establishing an OPEC-style cartel for natural gas. The US as well as energy importing nations in Europe are a little nervous about that idea because the three counties own about 60% of the natural gas reserves. The EU depends heavily on Russian natural gas. Critics on the proposal say "energy supplies have to be sold in a free market."
  Smells like trouble to me.

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Its only Junk


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