I'd checked out a quick change payload system found on many smaller 15,000 to 20,000 lb. gross trucks. Harold uses them for his recycling business in and around Pierce County. The smaller roll-off system he uses is referred to as the " Hook-Lift." It looks quite ugly and has some disadvantages when compared to a conventional roll-off type system. One thing is that the center of gravity is higher the amount of angle of tilt to the payload when loading and unloading is more than a conventional roll-off system. And above all it is not possible to put an over the cab latter rack or camper on a hook-lift.
But heck, if you load my system up with Missiles and give it to the enemy, they've got the most efficient killing machine and you've got a war to fight.

Then I had a hooklift demonstrated for me, and I noticed how it swings it's loads over a couple wheels out back. It tipped the load more than a roll-off and having an over the head lumber rack or camper is out of the question.


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If you would like to compare quick change payload designs - check out

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It's industrial looking.

And no cable needed and no getting out of the truck to load or unload.

Nothing like having your own shack on the ground, where you want it, when you want it.

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