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After 20 years and 18 of them being fallowed around with child molester rumors:
       It goes to show you just how barbaric the human race has become. Twenty years later, all you've managed to do with the work truck of the future is kill people with it.
       I'd say it's pretty silly to even have this web-site. That's why I've begun pulling the web-pages.
       It's certainly been a waste of my time and it's done none of you any good.
       Stupid Rule Number 16

If you don't know by now,
you missed the boat because I've begun pulling pages,
most of what's happening is happening at

synchro-link woody with trailer

My Kids got a new home.

Green Synchro-link graphics

June 29th, 2012
Its coming along.

December 17th, 2011
I finally came across some time to rebuild the hood on my truck. I took some lightweight tubing from a portable carport and replaced the underside with something more than the twisted up sheet metal you end up with once you learn that even after they recall a secondary hood latch, doesn't mean it will work.
     The truth be told, a customer of mind had the hood fly up on his Dodge a year ago and it cost $3,000.oo to fix it. Well, my hood isn't going to fly up and it operates just fine now.

under bonnet hood reinforcement with tubing

But after doing that, I wondered about how a little banging around and a tube of caulking might do for it. With out a doubt, its looking pretty smooth.

mutt in calking

I'm proud of this fold down work bench I built
 for the Synchro-Tooler.
(March 20th 2011)

I've cut a super thin wall 1 1/2" tube for a middle cross-member and I need to come up with a latch to hold it in the up position. Check it out, the out riggers telescope so that there is no messing around with pins or braces, they just operate themselves. And when folded up, (I'll get one later,) they are not in the way and if ever damaged, I probably wouldn't need a welder, just a hack saw and a drill.

It has tabs spaced just right for the mounting holes on the front of my mitersaw.

March 11th, 2011
Check out my bed frame angle iron battery box holder.
Kinna squeezed it right in there.

January 4, 2011:

The Synchro-Tooler has been Contaminated
And I bet they just watched him do it and didn't even warn me about what I was walking into.

This is the view I see from my garage door. And if you think nobody has been watching me, then how come just the other day when I had the Tooler all except about a foot out the G-door with the side door of the Tooler open, a couple of the City's cronies came driving by. It was like Day jah voo of the first night I had the Synchro-links system on my truck naked and a bunch of cops came by with their flash lights while I was in the shower, claiming that they had a noise complaint. It's sad to say that people will watch someone poison someone and yet do nothing about it. Yes, this IS America.

If you want to find out what kind of shit they used, check out the fine print or better yet, what people are saying about it. Yeah, thanks to Martha, many people who thought they had organic gardens are wondering what to do with the toxic waste dump in their back yard.

If you are wondering about just how all this came about, it started with a Sheriff and his drug dealing brother.

More will soon be posted at


Anyhow, I figured that I'd start something and add to it later. But the funny thing about it is that it looks like a great foundation for a Synchro-link Logo.

Yah know how that computer company has little boxes with cow spots, well.

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The Synchro-Tooler

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August 29th, 2008:You may like to have a look at the progress on Caddie Trunk #3,... This is the first one having all new lumber. The hardware is what just naturally transformed into being a part of it. The legs are made from an old weight lifting bench I found in a scrap pile. The Rustolum gloss blue sure produced a shinny finish on the legs and side rail hardware. I'm going to put a coat of stain to the old side boards I made out of some scrape several years ago. We'll call it fowe finish, but hey they do the job.

I think it's pretty neat. Like a portable pick up I can roll about in my one car garage.

Think of the fuel I save when I use this

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