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The Dumping Trailer Experiment

What do you do when a government and its industries are so corrupt
that you can't even have a dumpster for your own roll off truck?
You barrow a friend's trailer and improvise.

April 19th, 2010: Did a little experiment with the thought of using a utility trailer as a dumpster.

I used a couple blocks to take place of the rear wheels I didn't have. They also helped out with requiring less tip when loading. It loaded about as steep as most common hook-lift do without them. If I had my own dumpster, it would require less till  as you see here and it would be less likely to have materials inside shift back while loading.

I just used a couple bungy cores to attach 2 x 4s  on to the rails so that the trailer axial wasn't digging into them.

The key here was to keep the truck creeping forward so that the tailgate wouldn't get crushed.

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Winsor Construction Cambria, CA

Thanks to the guys at Winsor for the use of their scales.


I think it's pretty neat.
Like a portable pick up I can roll about in my one car garage.

Think of the fuel I save when I use this



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