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Did your Infinity stereo go bazerk?

I've seen mind go full blast on its own. The cassette also deck chuck and jived me to death. Then you begin to think that having amplifiers on each speaker isn't such a hot idea when you want to replace it with an after market radio. Reality is that the Infinity radio is a cheep radio that only puts out about 5 watts per channel and hooking up a 25 watt after market radio us sure to blow out the amps if you are onto the fact that you have to feed 12volt power to the amps. Tweeters if you don't.
     But what would you say, I could set you up with a new radio that you can play cassettes, CD's and even your MP3 player though - for less than $35.oo?
     The deal is that a $29.oo getto blaster from Walmart is all you need; unless you plan to uses the getto blaster's own speakers out side the truck someday. In that case, down at Radio Shack you can by two 1/8 inch mono phone plugs for about $4.00 and not cut the wires off the back of the speakers. (And a soldering set up would be nice too.)
     It has just the right amount of power to run the front door speakers. (The rear ones aren't worth a shit anyway.)

$29 Radio from Walmart

The first wire one the left is a pink wire that is a always hot (for the clock.)The second wire from the left is the power supply wire which is a good wire to get power for the getto blaster as well as the amplifiers on the speakers because it is filtered for alternator interference noise.
     To start out: I pulled the speakers from behind the seat, because if left plugged in, I'd be supplying power to them even though the sound transmission wires won't hooked up to them. (Which would be a needless drain of power.)
  The last wire over to the right is the wire that supplies 12 volt power to the amplifiers and should get a switch connection to the power supply wire (Big x).
     Velvet wire goes to the positive right door speaker. The green wire is the positive of the left door speaker
     Soon I will add a photo of how you can hook up the getto blaster to 12 volt (so you don't need batteries, or 120ac.)

radio wiring for dodge infinity stereo

Importantly, if you want to run on the vehicles 12volt power, it's best to find a radio that operates on eight battery cells. In these picture below, I illustrate how to hook up your own power to the radio if it doesn't have a jack for external power.
connection for positive
connection for negative
radio hooked up to 12 volt DC
stashing power wire in back of radio
(I used a accessory type plug because I also use my radio as a work radio out side the truck and hit has a plug in 120 ac cord which has a switch in the outlet that switches between them.) The rear battery cord can be extra long like mind and still tuck into the back under the battery cover.)
     Another thing:I still use the factory radio for a clock, but the antana wire is now lead down to the getto blaster. That way I have a back up when I don't have my MP3 player along. I can't believe I haven't got around to doing this for so long, because it sounds pretty good.


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September 9th 2008: This week I revived the Caddy Trunk.


I think it's pretty neat, like a portable pick up I can roll about in my one car garage.


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Helpful Hint: whenever working around car battery's and their connections, don't ware any metallic rings - because if you create abridge to a body or engine block with your ring -  they can turn red hot in a split second. There is nothing like the agony of trying to pull a ring off while it is melting you skin


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Sunday May 13th, 2007: I've been setting the 30 pages for this web-site.

May 15, 2007 this site was uploaded and launched on May 16, 2007.

On August 19th '07 I checked the listing of my patent application at the CIPO and discovered that it was granted on August 7th.

That equals to about another 30 million.

Pretty Cool I'd say.

Beats collecting stamps.

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