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Fixing the screwed up geometry of you DodgeTrack bar mount modification for Dodge

I first noticed it shortly after buying the truck. That the front axil was about an inch out of alignment.
      Well, then you look at the way Chrysler pieced everything together, it appears that the game plan had nothing to do with what is know to be good geometry guidelines.
     The only goal they had was to get the thing rolling down the road under (preferably) your ass.
     But once the coil springs have a few years on them, they start to sag and the degree of inclined angle they built into the track bar gets out of hand and even with new everything in the bushings and ball joint replacement, the front end gets too far out of wack and the swaybar linkage starts to hit inside the funky mounts they made for them.

Track bar fix for Dodge

Rule Number 77 on this one. Don't do what I did with a piece of 2x2 1/8" angle. (I've got a couple squares cut to box everything in.)I've got a new hardened solid shank I need to trim off and the back up lock-nut should fit up-in-there.(I wanted to make sure it all fit before I went too crazy with welding it up.) But wow, what a difference.
     First get your hands on a 3 to 4 inch piece of 3" x 2" x.120 tube and go crazy and cut out more than I did. What they used for the backside plate doesn't even go up all the way; so raising the pivot point isn't feesable with the junk that is there. If you yard all the junk out, you could box in the end of the tube and actually raise everything up by an inch and also over by an inch.

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September 9th 2008: This week I revived the Caddy Trunk.


I think it's pretty neat, like a portable pick up I can roll about in my one car garage.


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Helpful Hint: whenever working around car battery's and their connections, don't ware any metallic rings - because if you create abridge to a body or engine block with your ring -  they can turn red hot in a split second. There is nothing like the agony of trying to pull a ring off while it is melting your skin


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Sunday May 13th, 2007: I've been setting the 30 pages for this web-site.

May 15, 2007 this site was uploaded and launched on May 16, 2007.

On August 19th '07 I checked the listing of my patent application at the CIPO and discovered that it was granted on August 7th.

That equals to about another 30 million.

Pretty Cool I'd say.

Beats collecting stamps.

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