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Can't see the back cylinders of your Cummins engine?

Since the auto manufactures like to build their trucks like cars, the large engines don't fit so well.But the stupidest part of it is the engineering of it all. For instance anyone who has ever tried to adjust the valves in their Dodge or even change the fuel injectors in a Cummins engine know just what a pain in the ass it is to do when the folks at Chrysler had designed the engine compartment that you have to work in. Basically, you only get a decent access to 3 1/2 cylinders out of the 6. Well I got a solution to the problem: it's called a reciprocating saw. Or as many of us would refer to as a Sawzall. You just fire that puppy up and trim away. Once you do, you will find out that all that sheetmetal is for is to hold the 60 wires that go to the computer. (Of which I have no use for - but that is another helpful hint post.) Once you trim the plastic cover you will discover that the way Chrysler lead the windshield washer hose it was being rubbed by the wiper motor arm the whole time. A little hole in the plastic and a plastic tie strap works to prevent that problem. As you can see, I had to fold the wire harness back out of the way until I figure out which one is for the five volt power supply for the sensors. (Maybe I'll get my speed and tachometer back.) Notice the bullshit way they routed the heater hoses. Yeah, my heater core went to hell, but next winter I'll just stuff a coil of 1/2 inch copper tubing in the heater box and put some plastic water line hose on the ends of the tubing to add size for the 5/8 inch water hose that I will route around everything (out closer to the fender where it should have been.)

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September 9th 2008: This week I revived the Caddy Trunk.


I think it's pretty neat, like a portable pick up I can roll about in my one car garage.


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Helpful Hint: whenever working around car battery's and their connections, don't ware any metallic rings - because if you create abridge to a body or engine block with your ring -  they can turn red hot in a split second. There is nothing like the agony of trying to pull a ring off while it is melting you skin


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Sunday May 13th, 2007: I've been setting the 30 pages for this web-site.

May 15, 2007 this site was uploaded and launched on May 16, 2007.

On August 19th '07 I checked the listing of my patent application at the CIPO and discovered that it was granted on August 7th.

That equals to about another 30 million.

Pretty Cool I'd say.

Beats collecting stamps.

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