My Next Truck

Building a truck can be as difficult as anyone could want to make it. I've worked on race cars and I understand that a vehicle is just a bunch of components put together. I happen to think that the doors, hinges and window tracks are about the hardest parts to fabricate.


old truck with sleeper

So the work truck of the future has been around for over 20 years and all you have done is load it up with missiles and gave them to the Islamic State. Shame on you.

Ah, don't need no stinking doors
and I know how to park it myself, thank you.

BS Plan

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Helpful Hints


Depending on how much money I have, whether I'm having to build my next truck from money I make from pounding nails or having my books sell well, plans can differ a great deal.


I noticed the people are surprised that I would think of building my truck with new parts and not remanufactured.
People, you just can't expect to go somewhere and be able to have them make something for you when they already have bigger customers.
     Like what odds do you think you could go to someone like the people who own Kenworth a Freightliner and ask them to build some cabs for you? Yeah, not very likely. And if you did get Peterbilt interested, wouldn't you wonder what kind of engineering and set up fees they would want.

Yeah, while there is fields full of used cabs out there.

But you see, running gear would become the sparest the soonest.

See, it all amounts to how much money you have. Sure the more the better, but if you are borrowing; you have to wonder if you an even get all the parts in one place before the overhead starts to get you.

As I've said before,
I don't care how many I'm producing;
I just want to be producing.
I wouldn't wait for parts when there plenty of reusable ones out there for the picking.
Besides, some happen to like the idea of going green.



Girls of the Day


Some may wonder if I would be worried if I ever had a fire.
To be honest with you, I would never count on any fire department. And I'm one who would be more worried about having a fireman commit arson.

That means, big fence and motion detectors around the perimeter to keep them out. And any manufacturing facility of mine will have fire hose racks all over the place because the last call I ever want to make is to an outside fire department.

I would have my own firefighters. Meaning I would give any of my crew who could carry me on their back up a flight of starts to have the opportunity to be trained as a professional firefighter and they would be paid a little more per hour to be a in house firefighter whether the are a welder or a painter and I'd make sure that everyone would have a closet with their gear inside where ever their work stations are.

You say that might be hard to do. Nah, because I'm the one who's doing the hiring. I'd be keeping my eyes out for them, but then I think a above average IQ text score would be needed to seal the deal.

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