Inferior systems out there already

I decided to put together this is a web-page to show people the other quick change payload systems that are available.

For a long time this web-page provides links to other web-sites promoting the other competing systems. The reason I did so was that I felt it would benefit me if I could stimulate the quick change payload system industry as a whole.
       If I'm able to stimulate the popularity of any quick change payloads systems, the market for such systems should grow along with it.
       So if this is so, then I'm also in the position to inform you just how much better my Synchro-link system is compared to the other systems available at the same time.

I realize people will eventually want something better, however, the question is whether they are smart enough not to invest in a bunch of payload beds, that they won't be able to get rid of when they figure it out.(It's why folks in Washington, probably the ones who got into the system later in the game, ended up using the modern trolley and chain hoisted, instead of being stuck with an inventory of cable, gravity drop types.

Take a look at this system I found on You Tube.

It's a cable lift type and one that doesn't have the boom rails long enough to touch the ground. (Quite similar to Buck's.)

Basically it uses gravity to unload; and the producers of the video knew about the weak spot. So they backed up real fast and unloaded behind something like a park bench so you may not notice the drop and yank as the box runs out past the rails. Think about the stuff in your camper getting one hell of a jerk.

(With my Synchro-link truck, I can set it down gently.)

Mini Roll off at
You Tube

It actually teedy totters on the way down before the back wheels hit the ground.

Watch the Drop
and Jerk

Wonder how long the cable
will last.

Not very safe if you ask me

If it was my camper,
stuff would be all over the place

Buck's Switch-N-Go

Notice with the lack of rails, it will teedy todder if you don't use a steep unload or load angle.
        I've loaded and unloaded my camper without spilling a cup of water setting on table. You could not say the same with Buck's system

If you check out Buck's web-page, you'll see that even with a winch, it takes up more space between the cab and the payload.
      And you should see the funky frame that sticks out in front of one of their customer's moving van box on  in the video. Tacky, I'd say.
       The Synchro-link is the only true switch and go, that is by a switch only and not even getting out of the cab.

Take a look at this system they call a mini roll off. To keep the rails short, they stayed with a winch and cable hoisting method. (the rails don't even touch the ground. They have a picture of the payload sitting on the ground behind the truck, but what they don't show you is how hard it is to line up with the rails. And if the truck isn't straight and parallel with each other. The payload bed could get caught under the end of the rail or bumper on one side and it could very well flip the bed over to one side or snap the cable.
        And if you are just too far back against the box, have fun getting the hook on. And if you roll back before lifting the box, just hope it doesn't get caught and snap the cable, which could go flying over the cab and do a number on your wind shield. I guess it would be wise to ware safety glasses when operating this kind of system.
      How many of you would want your wife even mess around with such a scary system?

This is a instruction video Buck put together. I noticed that they really didn't show all the motions. And the whole thing with the cable is just a bit of a hassle.

When they do unload it all the way it is in prefect level ground and all.

Safety pin when you want to dump.
Ah I don't know about that whole deal.

Another thing to think about: If the cable winch is run by an electric motor, the alternator better be a good one..

And for those who think the world of their pick-up truck,

There is a cheesy light system for you. Make sure you strap everything down because the angle of tip is up there.

There is another system made in Washington. basically it's a modified hook-lift. But as a guy who once saw one in Nevada said: " The system took so much room up in the bed, that there wasn't any room left to put much.

Check out

Better have that stuff strapped down real good because that's pretty steep.

Check out the truck
with the Yellow box.

All Haul has a system for smaller cab & chassis but look at how far back payload is when the frame rails are too long for the truck .
        They also sell trailer roll-offs, but just think about how hard it would be to get the cable type system lined up....
      And what is that a foot behind the cab?

Check out -   All Haul

I've noticed that most of the videos of both hook-lifts and mini roll off trucks on the internet are cut up in the editing process. Most are done with empty payloads and I feel they obviously know of the undesirable treats each of their systems have and they cut them out of the videos.

As a result, I would like to challenge any of them to try to unload on an unlevel area and try to keep the back wheel of their payload bed on a short two foot length of wood as I do all the time. It's called control, they don't have.

Check out this video of a Steller style hooklift at 23 seconds into it when the hook slips - damn scarry.

   Then at 1:17, if unloaded into a hole or up hill, the folding boom would crush the front of the container and very well slip off.

    Then at 1:50 if the guy was tired like I get and didn't line up the rear rollers with the rails, the rollers could slip in between the rails and tare out a few cross members along with the floor.

Hook-lift Trailers

For those who like to learn by comparison.


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