My name is:
Dennis James Sattler

I like to play bass guitar,  fly RC slope gliders and of course I wish I could be building more proto-types.

I don't like writing or creating web-sites, because I like  to think that there are  more important things I should be doing with my time.

dennis sattler


The most asked question people are asking today, Sept.13, '10 is:
Do you think he will get into building cars?
Anyone who has read my stuff will have read the term, "How many ways can you build a mini van?" So the answer would have to be no. Anyone who has seen me at the magazine stand would tell you that I'm just not into cars, (or what "they" call trucks for that matter.) 

I myself don't see me ever owning more than a dozen or so, and the only reason I'd have that many is that I would probably have them all scattered around the globe.

There isn't going to be any Bentley in my driveway, but a 65 Caddy convertible would do instead.
If I were to ever build a car or to they would just be Hobby pieces like a ruff riding, over powered, noisy Cobra kit car. Kinna the same thing with a rat 67 Mustang Fastback, the only thing Ford would be the shell with the floor boards cut out and a 9 inch rear end with a 327 Chevy motor inside. And of course I can see me driving a 69 Comaro.

As for any newer car; they would be European, because I just don't like any of the newer American cars.

Nevertheless, you never know, I may just put my name on someone else's car if I had something to do with the designing of it, but that would be like my Chuck Rainy signature bass made by Ken Smith in New York.

I'm sure I would have a major stake in the truck market and as a concerned citizen, I would not want such company even meddling with the auto industry.
Just as I've said before, I want there to be competition in the automotive market. I want people to have more choices than they do now. The more the better.

But a work truck, it's more specialized and I'd ike to create more variations to fit the customers needs. Less cookie cutter you could say.

I want people to have more choices. Not only with the truck itself but of what goes on the back as well. 
I don't want things nickeled and dimed to death for the sake of profit. It's my baby and I'm here to take care of it.

I just don't see why people even need to get on their Facebook page while driving a vehicle and I'm going do my best to make sure that you don't get plowed by a 20,000 pound truck while the driver is texting.

I would like to have a killer night club or two. That way I could sit in with a band once in awhile and play with an outrageous light show.

As for houses, I'm not one to go completing with the Joneses. I would rather have several through out the world. A shack on the beach in G-land would be fine as long as it has a shitter and a shower.

The place it is at is more important that the size to me.

If you were to ask what kind of taste I would have if I did look for a home. I would just like to have one that feels like home. Strange as it may seem, of all the fancy homes I seem in magazines owned by celebrities and such, my taste would be of one like Jennifer Aniston's. I like the deck, the view from the deck, the wine seller and the rat pack room. It all just looks comfortable on not too over baring. She said something like she was going for a 70's era feel with lots of wood. Maybe we have the same taste because we're from the same generation.
      But LA; would be nice off and on, but it's not the place I'd want to spend most of my time at. I'm not exactly what I call a nester anyway.

I'm not one you'll find sitting on a bar stool either, not unless there is a band playing. I don't hang out in bars to drink and meet people. I'm not really into small talk either.


My Mother was a good looking woman in her day.


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  I was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1960.

My blood is 3/4 German and 1/4 Russian.
The Russian part is from my father's mother, who was part of the Larance Welk family.

I happen to be one of three children born in my direct family. I have two sisters. Donna is a year older than me and Diane is younger by two years.

They say I only have an IQ of 115
I guess the average is 95 and I've been told the 115 puts me in the top 25%. But what the heck, I didn't even realize it was a real IQ test when rushed through it.

The funny thing is, I never considered myself that smart compare to others. One thing for sure I sure do wish I was more intelligent because I've sure done a lot of stupid things.

I was born under the Third Sign of the Zodiac:                                       Gemini Twins

Height: 5ft. 10 in.                     Weight: 160-170 lb.

Education: High school drop out.
                                    Some college.
 It's kind of funny, about this whole collage thing. There are times when I wonder if I'd be better off with more college education. But when I think about what kind of courses I'd want to take, I realize I don't have to have people to tell me what I need to know, because if I need to learn something, I just learn about it on my own. I don't need someone to hold my hand and quiz me to see if I learned anything





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