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Pet Peeves

Like, doesn't anyone in California know how to operate a vehicle through a four way stop intersection?
        Get this, I checked out the California Department of Motor Vehicle's Drivers Guide while I was down at the State Patrol Office. I noticed that even though they cater to the Spanish speaking drivers and what not; they don't even tell people how to deal with a four way stop intersection and my guess is that they don't even test new drivers for such a thing.
       How stupid is that?
So while the cops want to write me up for my own safety - as they say - I'll do my part in doing their job for them and tell everyone just how a four way stop suppose to be done.

Get this: If two vehicles show up at the same time, the one who is on the right has the right of way. If two arrive at the same time and they are across from each other, the one who is not going left has the right of way. And as the traffic flows from a dead stop all around the intersection, the one on the right has the right of way and goes next.

But hell, I just go when I feel the people are just to stupid to figure it out.

(Here in California, drivers look at each other like idiots and wonder if we should wave the other on through.) 5-22-09

Another thing I can't stand is those rolling billboards. I think that they should be out-lawed. We've got enough traffic congestion and fuel consumption and pollution as it is, we don't need to put vehicles on the road just for the sake of advertising. The folks in the advertising business should be looking into the various trucking companies out the that have nothing on the side of their vans because there is probably hundreds of thousands of blank billboards already on the road and the last thing we need is another vehicle on the road polluting up the air we breath.
     But then we are so stupid, we have communities who want to stop sign twirlers on the side of the street because they think it degrades the appearance of their communities. Yeah, the hard choice between freedom and common sense. 
      (I happen to think sign twirlers are kinna neat. I support the one who has the energy to make me remember them the next time I see them.)

June 17, 2008: In the WSJ today there was a bit covering the amount of money that the oil companies have been spending for advertising.
    Since gas has hit the $4 mark, there have been a barrage of advertisements to deflect anger over the situation. According to TNS Media Intelligence, the companies and their associations have spent $52.5 million on advertisements in the first quarter. Up 18% from the same period last year. And of course the spending on advertising is expected to jump during the second quarter.
    In my opinion, the should do something better and use the money to pay the cost of shipping the fuel to the stations with it. I don't think they can polish their image by using the media as well as spending the money on their own expenses so that we can see a different image on the sign at the local gas station.

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Setting it Straight


Road Rage

There have been studies on road rage. Apparently people who post multiple bumper stickers on their vehicles are more likely to experience road rage.
    The reasoning for this higher rate of road rage is that people with bumper stickers tend to be more territorial

Way back in my handwritten journal days, Ramjet gave me the inspiration for writing this bit. It was inspired by the way he felt about his commute to work in Seattle. He feels that most traffic jams are caused by idiots who think they can save time by changing lanes constantly, just to pass others on the freeway.      
          He says that traffic jams are caused by chain reactions. That is when one person cuts off another; the person who got cut off usually applies their brakes. Their brake-lights come on and the person behind that vehicle - applies their brakes. Then the person behind that vehicle follows up by doing just the same. The chain reaction continues until the whole freeway is shut down to a full stop. Then everyone gets a new chance to work up their speed until another asshole cuts off another. It happens time after time and Ramjet thinks the solution is an easy one.

          He said, "If everyone would just get on the freeway and get in a suitable lane for the distance they are going to travel and just stay there. If nobody applies their brakes, there wouldn't be any slowdowns."
          I think he's right. I just hate these assholes who weave in and out of lanes thinking they're saving time. Instead they are stealing time from everyone including themselves, by causing other people to put on their brakes.

And according to a book tilted "Traffic," the people who constantly change lanes on the freeway, save a whole 4 minutes on a distance of 80 miles. I feel that the person who figured that out should get a smacked up-side the head.

Pretty Slick

The lousy winter weather in Washington would always slow down the painting industry, but when it snows, it's sure to fill up the body shops. Knowing this I would like to advise people who have problems driving in the snow, just to try waiting until 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. to drive. The streets are usually clear by then. Don't make a fuss over it. The people who get out on the road early are usually the one’s who piling up the street and it's usually the other guy who nails you.  

If you are one of those people who bought a SUV thinking you might be better off in the adverse weather you should remember that four wheel drive vehicles don’t stop any better than two wheel drives.

Jump Start

I have a hint for folks that aren't sure which way to hook up jumper cables on their cars. Since the batteries are usually buried in places under the hood where acid fumes can accumulate, I think it is important to make sure people are aware of a danger they can simply avoid. (The most dangerous time to jump start is when the engine is not running and the air above the battery is still.)

Besides doing the Positive to Positive and the Negative to Negative stuff it's important that the last connection completing the circuit is a negative to negative connection and the use of the engine block or mount connected to the block is used as the last negative connection. This way the last (negative) ground connection is not only a good ground, but it's also the connection that is most likely to spark when completing the circuit while putting on or off the cables. See the important thing is that you make the last connection a Negative Ground to the Engine Block -- which is most likely to spark – Not over the Battery -- where acid fumes are located.

Getting Charged

When using battery chargers one should,

HOOK-UP the Battery BEFORE plugging it into the 110 outlet. Then once the battery is charged you should UNPLUG the 110 - Before you UNHOOK the Battery. If in a vehicle, it is still a good idea to use the engine block or mount as the ground connection for safety also.

Who's mad at me now? Doctors, paramedics, drug companies and hospitals may not be able to make as much money

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