synchro-link woody with trailer


See that the truck couldn't even fit into the garage.
But I can fit four beds inside and that's before
I start stacking them

It can also take up less space than three vehicles

Or should I say four vehicles?

The Synchro-Tooler

Wooden wheels have proven to be non-marking on asfalt.

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More about the Truck

My work horse was my 80" bed. (80" plus outside hardware.)

At 80", you get 3 cross members out of a 20 ft. piece of steel instead of two and leaving you with a 4 ft. piece of scrape. That is unless your stock in 40' lengths.

When working out of a big tool box, it's best to have the ladder rack going down the middle so the user isn't smacking their head into it.
          Something that happens every day in a world filled with obsolete motorized horse and buggies.

Caddy Trunk

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