Patent Numbers
GB 2317380, CA 2216497

I built the link larger in relation to the rest of the truck.

On the  actual system, the lower rear pivot is a bit lower, giving it more reach.

The lower mount of the front hydraulic cylinder is actually lower too, which give the system a little head start on the front cylinder link's rotating  movement.

The next page will show a traced picture of actual system.


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The goals I had in mind when I designed this system was:

To keep the payload as close to the cab as possible.

The end result was 6" from the back of the cab.

To keep the frame short as possible, with the least amount of rear overhang as possible.

I kept it less than a foot. But it can be even shorter.

To keep the payload as low as possible.

Less than 4" in height was added.

(In actually, I only gained 2 or 3" from the standard height and I could do much less if I built my own truck chassis frame.)


To learn more about the benefits of the

If you are here trying to figure out how to build my invention: just keep in mind that this invention is the brainchild of a Sentinel.
       I'll be the first to tell you that if you try to steal my invention, nothing good will come from it.
       You might think about asking the people at Lockheed Martin or Ford if they can actually get anyone to build one.
       I'm warning you now beforehand, you don't want to do anything with it.


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