Operating the Synchro-link

A guide to the Operating System
and how it works

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The Synchro-link has had two different operating systems.
The first was Synchronized, (this was done by 3 to 1 ratio flow dividers powering front and rear actuators at the same time.)
The second as well as current operating system is sequenced combination
fluid/electric operating system.

Sorry if my description isn't written out clear enough,
but heck, just try writing it out without your head exploding.
Check out the video at Video
and you may understand what I mean.

Since the top pivot point of the link is forward of the end of the truck's frame rails, the rear link actuators are actuated first with the use of electric solenoid valves.

Micro-switches are used at mid-ark to switch over power to the solenoid valves that operated the front hydraulic actuators, (to avoid scissor clipping the trucks frame rails.)  

Note that the front cylinders actually rotate from the motion from the rear link moving back. The front cylinders actually rotate into a more efficient dump Video

Once the front cylinder max out, the fluid pressure is relieved by a sequence valve that diverts the hydraulic fluid to the rear actuating cylinders to finish their stroke pushing the link to the down position. 

When loading or during the lowering of the boom/carrier, the operating system uses a separate electrical circuit that operates in reverse order.

Watching the Synchro-link Video may help you understand what I'm trying to convey here.>

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