Present Day Journal

After 20 years and 18 of them being fallowed around with child molester rumors:
       It goes to show you just how barbaric the human race has become. Twenty years later, all you've managed to do with the work truck of the future is kill people with it.
       I'd say it's pretty silly to even have this web-site. That's why I've begun pulling the web-pages.
       It's certainly been a waste of my time and it's done none of you any good.
       Stupid Rule Number 16

Synchro-link que card

June 2015:
ISIS is getting a hell of a deal:

I don't know if I heard it wrong, but I think my Angles even tried to tell me that within this $2 Billion Dollar check for war machinery we are giving to Iraq; apparently the Pentagon put in an order of another 1,200 of my trucks.
       So I got out my calulaor and played with some numbers and at a total of 2,200 units, ISIS will have only paid $20 Million for $550 million dollars worth of trucks.
       Get this, of those, you owe me over $84 Million.
       On the back of those truck, if they hold 24 hellfire Missiles, @ $67,000.oo each you've also handed over $_______ Billions worth of destruction .
       What a mighty fine way of burning up you kids money. And whether you give a damn; I update my web-page on war a little bit.

Bing Bang Boom

Lockheed martin stealing patents

solar rack on truck cab

For those cloudy days
And it will help keep the cab cooler on sunny days.

December 11th, 2015:
I figure that the only time my truck will need an alternator will be at night.
       Once I get around to fabricating the lower brackets, the whole thing should drop down about half way, about just right for the Tooler and Woody.

October 16th, 2012 :
Do I need to say anything more/

Like what is the need for me to even have this web-site anymore?
      If it was to try to convince you that this system is the best; well now days it doesn't mater what you think, because the US military seems to think so and I just want my money.
     I don't think you will learn much here, you have to go to

There is some things that have been on my mind. 37 rooms at $200 per night equals $7,400 for a floor at the Merriot. I figure the Motel 6 would be half that.
     Anyhow just figuring the rooms at $150 per night equals $166,500 per month or $2,025,750.oo per year. And that is just the cost of house the criminals use to spread child molester rumors and to keep me broke.
     I'd think that just paying royalties on those missile launchers wound be a whole hell of a lot cheaper.

June 14th, 2012:

Green Synchro-Graphics
Two sheets of this project could be good or bad.

July 26th, 2012:
Back Door for a my Woody

I've been trying to create my Woody as versatile as possible. And from my experience, I know that the back door is a very important point of entry. So when it came to designing the back door, I drew upon the experiences of poking around over the years.
     I know how it can be when things turn out to be a little tight and I like to prevent any problems that can arise, before they happen.
     What I'm saying here is that a guy has to make things flexible for those situations that happen from time to time.
      So when it came to making my Woody's back door, I knew I needed to design it with adjust-ability in mind. We here at Synchro-link took the extra time and effort to take care of many problems before they happen.
     This detail in making sure that the back door works as it should was something I have imagined in my head for some time; however, it still takes some time to figure out how to apply it to the subject when it's sitting in front of me. I'm often stuck with only a few options when it comes to what kind of materials I have available.
     Anyways; I think its going to work.
     Update: Rule Number 20: It's the kind of thing when a good carpenter will take the opportunity to "let it fly." With this kind of work, even if your band saw is slow as mine, you just need to figure in a couple extra cuts, because it sucks when it comes in too short. But then again, it's not Rule 53; and we can manage to put down a half ass decent welding bead. However, the idea of it matching the botton where I ended up just cutting a longer piece, swapping out the longer for the shorter and then trimming that. (Some of you know the drill.) Hindsight is 20/20


I'm happy to announce that the most difficult part of my Woody's back door is now done. Something I did not look forward to fabricating without a milling machine.

Green synchro-graphics

June 26th, 2012
I did manage to weigh the tooler once it was loaded up with tools, the other day. It came in at 1600 lbs.

March 19th, 2012:

warehouse wall and tooler

There are a couple of things I've never mentioned about my Tooler. The fact that it flat out saves fuel. Being able to leave your work trucks weight sitting back at the job site is like driving empty and getting maximum mileage which just make things that much better.
     Another thing is that even if I'm able to leave the tools out over night. The is a piece of mind, is locking up the hundreds of other tools you can't keep track of as easy as the tools you know tools you have left out. Or another way to say it is that the piece of mind is know that even if you can't find the tool at the moment, it's just lost in the mess an you'll end up finding it. I'll be the first to admit, I'm a slob when it comes to the three main bends on the back wall. I move things from one box to the other while digging out what I'm looking for. The drawers are the two sundries bends are the only places you'll find anything resembling organization.

Can you believe that the bushing in the track bar is gone in less than 8 months? I've just had to replace everything I didn't replace last summer and now I'm already replacing what I replaced last summer. Yeah, nice guys around here.

December 30th, 2011
Today was exciting. We had the second Sychro-link mechanical breakdown in history. About a decade ago I lost a pilot operated relief valve go bad after I tortured it a bit.
     But this time it was more exciting because I got a bang out of it and some squirting of oil too. It actually didn't break down because it would have still operated until the reservoir had run out of oil.
     But to spare us from a bigger mess than we had already, I just stopped it in its tracks. (Can you believe I even fixed it while the carrier boom was still up in the elevated position?
     The end of a safety lock on the driver's side front cylinder blew out. But - because of the gear type flow dividers - the passenger side would have just kept going.
     Heck, with the link type dump design I came up with, there really isn't any need for load locks on it because once the tail end is down; there isn't really much it can do. The load locks only caused more back pressure, slowed things down, added four more hoses, 8 jic fittings, 8 pipe to jic adapters and more weight.(I only paid about $20 for them.)
     Today I just robbed the bulkhead fitting that I had for my high pressure axillary circuit, along with a couple connectors I had in the line and the two caps; I was down the road in about a half hour.
     I happen to think there was a hair line crack in the aluminium casting because it was the one I could never keep clean. I think after the thousands of shifts the spool made, the aluminum finally fatigued out. Bam, expired.

Metro load check valve
Broken Metro Check valve

December 27th, 2011
One of the nicest things about the new Yahba Dabahs is how easy the Tooler rolls now.
     Yesterday I actually turned it around and pulled it into my shop by hand. I thought: Gee, you've been parking this thing in here with the door opening on the wrong side; for how long?
     And of course my surfboards got Synchro-graphics for Christmas

Dennis Sattler, his Tooler invention and Surfboards with matching Graphics

November 13, 2011
It's been 18 years since I lost everything to a fire department.
     In that amount of time, I've seen people raise an infant to an adult. I would have never imagined that the government and industries would be still at it after all this time.
     Think about all the money they have spent on making sure I got nowhere with my inventions.
     Think about all the people around me who have found themselves caught up in the corruption, bought off, threatened or bribed.
     After all this time, they have set it up to where the patent rights to the very inventions that kept me alive all these years will be taken away from me just short of the twenty year mark.
     The patent reform bill has set things up so that it is in Morro Bay's best interest to have me killed and with a will that has no weight, the auto manufactures are likely to show the county of San Luis Obispo just how easy it can be arranged.
     You can bet the auto manufactures have had a few of patent applications to my inventions drawn up and just sitting there to file. They probably filed them, just before Obama signed the patent reform bill of 2011. (Because they knew it would take about two years to see the first office action.)
     There are those idiots who think it's great that the inventions will be stolen with anticipation that the auto manufactures will be selling it to them, but most of us know that it is the opposite, (to shelve my inventions,) because that is what is in the auto manufactures best interest.
     The word on the street is that they -who ever gets the patent granted to them, will be selling it to the military for $250,000 per issue, and the smart ones know that selling them to the public is not even an issue to be discuss at that kind of price.
     Most of us think about that kind of deal is like the $75.oo toilet seat since they know I would be selling them at half that price with a collection of beds to boot.

Also: I'd like to mention just how my day went on November 11th, the 18th year anniversary from the fire.
     Well: apparently the Target store made $18,000.oo by selling the video feeds of me. But get this: I had this Doormatt security guy spot me upon my arrival. I couldn't get rid of the guy, he fallowed me everywhere and finally he just ran into me face to face and said, "Can I help you with something?"
     I said, "Yeah, tell me, am I an object of your attention? Ever since I arrived you haven't been farther than two isles away from me."
     He said that I wasn't.

Never the less, I had to ask the clerk if she would pinch me, because I had to be dreaming or schizophrenic or something. I couldn't make it through the checkout line before I had one of three bully cops invading my space.
     I said get way from me, I didn't do nothing more than identify myself to the camera, and I want my cut.
     Oh yeah, I'll be counting the cameras next time, just to get a figure on this. And I should mention, that from my understanding from things I've read about the Patent Reform Bill of 2011: If a patent holder got the idea for the invention from the original inventor. The patent holder has no (legal) ability to stop the original inventor from using the invention, but the question I have not exactly answered yet -is if the stolen patents can keep the original inventor from producing and selling the patented invention.
     In that case scenario, it could mean that the auto manufactures, or who ever tries steal patents on an invention could use stolen patents to eliminate competition for an invention.
     I don't know exactly how to say it, but there maybe an upside in there, I don't know, I'd rather not have to worry about it.

October 31st, 2011
There are a few out there who have thought about the different scenarios that could play out now that the patent laws will change in about a year and a half from now. Soon I will be posting two or three different scenarios. But for now, I'm letting it ride because there are a few out there who have actually concluded to the most likely. And it's not good, so I'm going to let it ride so that I don't put ideas into peoples heads and they will more likely agree with something that they've come up with on their own. Later....

September 21st, 2011
For those of you awaiting for the arrival  of the Game Plan; its under way. However, I have something to post as the beginning of it or as some may want to call a Mission Statement.
That is for now at the Game Plan

September 20th, 2011
For those of you who don't know by now, my thingy dingy is kind of at a stand still, Its got a name already, but for now, well call it project "Sync-W."
   I wish I understood the patent laws better than I do, because I wish I knew I had the right to show you. So for that matter, I have to keep a lot of photos to myself. Too bad isn't it. The stuff is outrages, and I'd love for you to see it, but heck, what are we trying to do here?

Anyhow, any of you out there care to take a look at my
up and coming:

Yabah Dabah Nine Point Twos.

Yaba_Daba_9.2_wooden wheels

I can already tell you that I goofed. I should have cut the axles about an inch and a half or two. Because I certainly don't want those pesky axle tubes and pins this time because I'm using 1-1/4" pipe this time and have no need for the collar.
I'm in the market for a few 1-1/4 washers though.
But if I'm luck, a piece of the larger size scrape pipe might just make the short collars that I'd need to do the job.
Dummy me, wasted two cuts; and my band saw blade is hammered.
      Oh - the actual measurements are going to be 6 X 9.5 or so,
but the 9.2 had a ring to it.
It's going to be tight getting under the 6.5 ft. door.
But I'm sure it will roll much easier, and that's what I'm looking forward to.
      The wood: I don't really know. It's been a trusty walking plank I pick up somewhere along the way. Its heaver than shit and it had clean looking straight gain. The tighter grain side was like cutting steel. I happen to think its maple.
    I'm sure being laminated and all, these will be superior to the original cut-tum up log design.
I know that I'm going to love them.

Wooden wheels for Tooler

There's more over at

Wooden Wheels for Synchro-Tooler

I trued them up today, cut some collars,
and my do they look pretty.

And oh, I'm going to coin the phrase:
Woody the wood dumper.....

September 7th, 2011
For those of you who don't know by now, Google has not been on the level. For some time now, this site has been free of their adds, but until recently I wasn't aware that the Google adds have been redirecting visitors to web-pages set-up to resemble my sites but with the text altered and the links would go off to anywhere.
    There is suppose to be anti-trust laws to protect us from these things but you can be assured the government as well as the folks at Google have been well aware of the crimes committed.
      However, please feel safe visiting my other sites as well now because all my sites are Google Add free.

Oh, another thing, can you believe that Chrysler will install bolts though their shocks that have threads inside the sleeves? Oh yeah, means for a sloppy shock.
      And I'm making my web-sites easier to use on mobile devices by moving the menus to the right side of the screen.

Mini roll off truck sign

August 8th, 2011
A guy tried to get me to humour him with the front of my truck today. There was something different about him. He snapped out of it when I reminded him about the fact that he was fussing over something the stamp out thousands of times a day.
    Told them I wanted to build for my next truck.
I asked him, "How much do you think they get for a HumVee?"
  He said, "Around 95."
"How much for a Hummer?"
He wasn't sure but he agreed when I suggested about 65. Then I asked him how much my truck, not the one I'm driving, but the one I'd just told him I wanted to build.
  He said, "Ah hundred."

Don't I know that.

Oh yeah, I guess I'll let you tax payers flip the bill for me staying in your jail for ten days. I'd rather let the terrorist pay for keeping me in there then me paying them with my labour.
Oh yeah, I'm sorry, I'm not the only one.

More at

August 3rd, 2011
What if I told you that I could get my inventions into production for only $1,000.oo?
I bet you would ask me, why I just don't do that?
Well, you see, next week, on Monday I find out how much more the Morro Bay Police are going to make me pay for terrorism instead. Hell, I've already spent $1,000,oo this year on there corruption and yesterday I had to make my first formal payment towards the $700.oo rooky David Smith just cost me.
    Officer Stuart waved to me this morning. I wonder if he has a thousand he could loan me? He said he'd try to get me and investor. Oh yeah, cops lie.

Thanks to Erik's magic scrape pile, and his contribution,
we have something for my next thingy dingy.
But we aren't saying anything about that.

July 25th, 2011
My magic scrape pile kicked out something again.
Or I have to say that there isn't much magic in this one.
It was sort of planed in the order of 3 in, channel I bought for the Tooler. I bought the stuff in twenties and was hoping I'd have enough left over to make a small hydraulic press some day.
      The magic part of it is how I cut the fifty something inch and a forty something into just the right sizes - in high and width. believe me when I say it would have become too short in just a half an inch either way.
(I could have shortened one sleeve by about maybe an inch and a quarter.)

But my inside measurements ended up  27" by 7.75."
With my 20 ton jack, any thing less than 26" would have be useless: at least for a piece of junk I'm driving.
    Since I'm out of mix, I had to use flux core. However; it was nice not even having to touch up any of my shitty welds. I ended up painting it up because it would have always been an oily mess. I think I'll have to call it my Synchro-press.

They held so what the hell. 
       Anyhow, with rails only three feet high, a person can get the job done. The bitch is drilling the holes. Mine are five inches apart. Helpful hint: I marked each cross bare with either one or two dots on the opposing rails and opposing cross bars. That way my accuracy on the hole heights will have a better chance with knowing the cross bars are going to the proper side and not upside down. (You can only be so accurate with a hand drill.)

And man-o-man. The fact that I've been driving around this 10,000 lb. truck all these years. And off roaded it and all. I'm surprised I never caved it in. That shit came on a roll dude. The shit is sheet metal holding that axial in front of you. Those stamped out links are gone if you hit a ditch or something. It's very likely that your truck could be do a belly roll on the front axial as it makes it towards the rear end.
   Getting the rubber, (they save twenty bucks on,) out original the sleeves is the hardest part of rebuilding the junk. They must shoot those rubber spools in though some kind of tube, because getting them out; they swell to a size that is bigger than the press tube the cheesy little flange will allow.
  You end up having to use a saw to cut the protruding rubber off so you can pop the last part out with a breaker bar handle. But you can't even just stick it in a vice to hold it unless you've got something the right size to stuff inside the link-body because it will smash all to hell in a vice. I had to just set it in the vice of my band saw and put my foot on it to hold it in place.
 Also you just can't just use a press pipe that is bigger than the cheesy sheet metal flange because the sleeve that hold the bushings inside the links are just sheet metal sleeves, pressed though sheet metal holes. With out even spot welds on one side; the only thing that holes the links in position is a flange just fouled in to the sleeve and one folded in a hole of the stamped out link.
   I'm very impressed. How in hell did they get the government to even buy those things, or even let them put them on the road.
      Believe me folks. When I look out on the road. I see you guys driving that junk - I'm amazed.

June 5th, 2011
I've been working the past four days on producing another 3D Synchro-link Graphic job on my camper.
Check out more of it at:

May 24th, 2011
Lately I've been thinking about design and production methods. I've always done pretty good, but I seem to always want other opinions. I was thinking about how I could make it some kind of contest for a group of interns to compete for a spot on a team of engineers who would work with me. Sortta like the way House does with doctors, but with me and a few engineers.
    However, with me, an intern would probably be asked to scan a piece of cardboard I'd cut out and come up with a CAD drawing of it for the X&Y table.
  But there is usually two or three ways to go abut something and sometimes I would like others to help me make up my mind about something.
   The things I would like to do for the frame and suspension is something that borders on revolutionary, but to me, it's kind of like old school but improved in a few really good ways.
  Oh yeah, yesterday, my truck's electrical ran all day on solar power, which sparked another idea. Oh well......

March 11th, 2011
Check out my bed frame angle iron battery box holder.
Kinna squeezed it right in there.

Febuary 13th, 2011
It looks as though I should have got rid of the fuel heater relay also. For such heavey wires, I don't even see where the fuse could be.
(There isn't one.)
Good thing my truck didn't catch fire.

January 21st, 2011
I painted a Model A over the past few days. You should have seen it. It's been sitting for god who knows. But the guy happens to be 88 years old and said he knows he would never see it painted. He just wanted it in primer, something close to the color of asphalt.
        I put two days sanding on that thing. Then masked it off and shot it with some epoxy.

         Things pozzen, but I hope the primer doesn't shrink back to much. We'll see Monday.
        That guy got a deal though. I was surprised to see finish I got out of just a primer job. You wouldn't expect a primer job to look as good as this one.
       With the seats recovered, and some vinyl on roof. Its like a time piece, as if its one the typical Model A that guy would have seen still hanging around in thirty or forties. They probably were not worth much in those day and a enamel paint job may not be considered worthy investment.

   Buch has been Bonney and Clyding me the past few days. For more on the Model A, go to the Car Guys

I never got the chance to meet the guy.

His son picked up the car.
Apparently the old guy had fallen and broken his hip.

January 23rd, 2011:
I gave my truck a new front bumper today. It cost me less than five bucks for the metric bolts. The guys at the shop told me what kind of bumper it was, but I tuned out because I don't even want to know what it was off of.
  It's just makes my truck look like one happy looking mutt.

It has a built in smile

I always new I'd find some bumper for free someday

Not too shabby


December 26th, 2010:
I gave the
Caddy Trunk its own page today.

December 10th, 2010:
I when on a get rid of some of the Mexican made wiring binge today. That computer plug with some 60 wires for something or other, just had to go. I don't want to see any more Chrysler shit in my engine compartment than I have to. I goofed up and got as crazy as cutting three wires going to the starter relay though. Had to hot wire it tonight. Tomorrow I'll figure out which one is which.

I'm remodelling the fender wheel so I can stick both arms inside, so I have to move the pre-heater solenoids to the top of the fender well. The cruse control vacuum bag was leaking of course and the vacuum sensor canister with the wires and its vacuum tube hit the trash can as well. As if today the only thing my vacuum pump is hooked up to is the power brake amplifier. (Update: of course, brakes work better now.)
I got rid of all those possible leaks.)

October 25th, 2010:
After working out of it for about a week, it had to look used before I was even going to post some pictures of my baby.
Anyhow, check out the

October 15th, 2010:
I'm pleased to say, that the Tooler has made its maiden voyage even though it isn't all the way done. Regardless, it's sitting were it is suppose to be sitting: in my customer's yard.
       I can't tell you just how nice it works out. And if it were one of those enclosed trailers these contractors here on the central coast like so much, it would be too hot to go into and would have been just a bitch just back into the place where I put it.  Being narrow and on the back of a truck, it was a cinch to plant.

September 11th, 2010:
There is something to be said for genuine Cummins replacement parts. I found out that with a transfer pump before and dummy me, had to push my luck this time too. This time it was a water pump. It was just too handy to pick one up at the Autozone. At only $39 I though, gee, that's cheaper than I would expect to pay for one for a shitty GM car. Since I got no money and only the fuel in my tank, I figured I'd give it ago. The pathetic part #1 is that they didn't even put any packing inside the box. Being cast and all, if those guys at Fed Ex just dropped it wrong, odds are it would have arrive with impellers bent out of shape. Anyhow, it looked alright so I took everything apart.

#2 To my surprise, the impeller wasn't the same. It seemed to fit alright in the block and I see how less complex design might even move more water, but if I lived in a desert I would be skeptical and be paying very close attention to the temperature gauge.

#3 But then that saying, you only get what you paid for. (which I hate.) I noticed that they didn't even ship the right size O-ring gasket. I'd tell the folks at CarDone, HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO GET THE RIGHT SIZE O-RING! (Just like the transfer pump, the manufacture didn't care, they just put some o-rings in it even if they were not the right size. And the fuel just gushed out. All the time and fuss for nothing but trouble.)  I'd throw it back at them.

They must need glasses or something hah?

Now I've got to keep my eye on it. I wish I would have made the drive to Rush truck center in SLO. Maybe they have the right O-ring by itself.

Philadelphia, yeah, try posting on craigslist there without having it flaged in a heartbeat.

So good bye my little Cummins Pump. You've been a good little pump. I'm going to miss the squalling you made over the past few winters. My truck will never be the same without you.
I'm sorry. I truly am, to have to whore you out for a lousy fifteen dollars.
Thank you my dear, it beings tears to my eyes right now and my eyes are too watery to read the keyboard right now so I've got to say good bye.
I love you and I will never forget you..

August 21th, 2010:
It only took one day on the road with the Tooler to flash bad to the days of my past. The perversion in all of it. People want to see what's the big secret. As if I might even loose some patent rights if they see it. They don't understand any of it. When I have control on what my truck is used for; why should I even worry about the Tooler.

However I do have a door on this puppy, so don't come around expecting me to show it off. The fact of the matter is, I don't want to have your eyes grace the sight of it.Just because you tell me that you like what you see won't make me feel any better, it would only make me feel better if you perverts just stay away from me and my children.

However, I also know that any perverted cop can walk up to me at 7:00 in the morning and accuse me of being on drugs, just to search and turn the thing up side down if the want to. Just like the time in Carlsbad where officer Wenton (Most likely a punk surfer.) wanted to see inside my cage. Cost me about $1,000.00 and a few days in jail. He never even turned in my pot. He stole my billyclub I had since I was 17.
    Any how, I wouldn't even publish the inside of my cage, but I don't need another towing bill. Therefore, I think, it will just leave the tooler sit in my garage where it's safe for those bullies with a badges we're paying to rouse us.

May 28th, 2010:
Looking over the stats for Synchro-link and BooksbySunnyside, I notice that the traffic from Illinois was sometimes neck and neck with New York. Another thing was that a suburb of Chicago by the name of Lisle was beating out Chicago.

Here is the TOP 10 regions for the week.


April 19th, 2010:
I'm not really into this internet thing anymore, but today I did this thing over at
Current Events about using a trailer as a dumpster on my Synchro-link roll off truck.  

Febuary 5, 2010:
It's amazing to see the amount of traffic has been getting. To think that two of the major manufactures off hook-lifts where filing for patents within a year or so before and after I built my proto-type. Just think, some guy who wasn't even in the business came up with a system that is superior to the hook-lift method. I just wonder what they think of it all, because I would feel like shit trying to sell something that I know is obsolete. The sad thing about it is that most of their customers are building up an inventory of payload beds designed for an obsolete technology and the larger their inventories get, the harder it will be to get rid of the inferior systems. Being worth pennies on the dollar. Oh well, Rule 16
     For example, why would you think companies on the east coast and in the state of California, still have the large cable type conventional roll off systems in use when Washington and Oregon are far more advanced? I would be surprise to discover that the Northwest was late in the game at going to roll-off systems.

January 13th, 2010:
Happy to say that what's happening around here is the gain in popularity of this web-site.
      It's like it kinna kicked in gear and doubled the volume in just two months time. I'm sure it's the new domain names, but I have to say that it has a lot to do with the traffic increase from those the mid-west. There visits are in in there every day. Anyhow thanks for stopping by; I got a lot of things to do around here, and not enough time.

Oh yah, soon the blog at Synchro-link will be history.
(After html pages are build out of the content, the blog will be retired.)

January 12, 2010:
As I've always said, there is usually something effected when you do something. That old cause and effect saying comes to mind. Its when you try something new.    In this case it's kinna a God sent blessing one may wonder how after all this time no one bothered to pick -up on the domain name,
    But it's not so much for the use on the Internet, it is for the use of plastering the name down the side of my truck. Its like have THIS IS WHAT THIS TRUCK IS written on the side of it. What I'm trying to say here is that ever since I painted the new domain name on the side of my truck's two beds; I have not had one person approach me, trying to get me to amuse them with my truck. (Well, except for one girl who doesn't want anything to do with computers and she asked what
MyStupidRules.comwas all about. She actually said that she liked my truck because she thinks my truck looks cool.)
         Any how, it's so nice to get past the doughnut shop and gas station without some smart ass wanting me to entertain them for their own amusement. Needless to say, I don't see so many laughing at my truck either.
       And another thing worth mentioning: As far as website. performances;
Hooklifttruck.comis actually serving up more pages per day than does after all this time.

January 3, 2010:
Looking over the  visitor stats for the months of November and December I was checking out the top cities.
A bit surprised I was. Illinois has three cities in the to ten.


And oh another strange thing.
You wouldn't believe the traffic I get at

December 27, 2009:
Funny thing about these sites of mine, even though the overall traffic numbers are down, the readership is up.

You would be surprised to know that the Others web-page has been the most popular and the site gets a fair amount of traffic as well.

December 8, 2009:
Funny thing, I snatched up and so I have a web-site that makes the comparison of the short wheel based quick change payload systems. Another funny thing is that the patents were filed for within a few years of the time I was developing my own system. I even noticed that the patent examiner Keenan was looking over one of them at the same time as mine. I just wonder why he would throw a hooklift design at me?

November 18, 2009:
Today I snatched up,, and
(as well as the plurals)
Pretty cool hah?

August 23, 2009:
you may have noticed, the front page of the website has changed. If you click on the header, you will find yourself back at the new front page. Click on HOME in the menu bar and you may find yourself at the original home page. At Least for now, that's how it's going to be.
       There is going to be a new format intergrated into this web-site which will incorporate blog type entries but for now it's a mixed bag because this isn't the only site I work on.

June 13, 2009:
Some changes are coming to this web-site.
It's no longer going to be watered down and kept separated from my other sites. I'll be integrating all my sites in a new fashion.
  I'm sure their will be a few belly achers out there that don't think anything can go wrong in America. Who would like to tell you that it's all in my head. But facts are facts and I'm not into miss leading people into a watered down wishful thinking point of view.
 Due to come back soon is My BS Plan. However, My Next Truck will have to stay out of the picture for a while longer if not indefinitely.
 Thanks for dropping by, and please stay tuned'

April 25, 2009:
Sorry but due to the fact that I just saw that the price of certain parts and components just double in the last year, while the price of just about everything else in the world dropped, I feel it's only in my best interest to drop certain web-pages from my web-sites.

Kinna like shooting myself in the foot when I see that the cost of building my own next truck has gone up and I have to wonder if it's because of my own web-sites and I'm seriously thinking of pulling the whole site.

So just fill lucky you even know my truck exist, because it's not like I'm offering it to anyone.
   I just want to keep it to myself, because I sure as hell don't think anyone has shown me that they deserve it.

June 6, '08 :
Now that Diesel is over $5 per gallon, well see what kind of trucks hold their value. Those folks that own half tons like the F-150 are finding out that their trucks are worth pennies on the dollar and they realize that they could have just got by borrowing grampa's truck when they need to barrow his lawn mower.
     The only trucks that will hold any value at all are the 12,000 to 20,000 gross trucks because they are generally bought for work trucks because they are needed for business purposes.
    It won't belong before those guys are going to realize that if they had their own job shack, they could ride a motorcycle to work. Or if they realized that a truck like mine saves about 5 miles per gallon when running around empty, they just my figure out how much more my truck is worth than the rest of those motorized tin cans.
     Well, I'm doing my part at saving fuel, how bout you. Sure you got that diamond plate tool box full of tools and you have to unload half the bed at night so you will still have the stuff in the morning.
I know, I've been there, but I gave that shit up ten years ago.

Back then, one of my customers just couldn't see why we weren't paying $5 per gallon already. I thought hell, then who would want to buy a SUV, all they are is a four wheel drive station wagon. But see, the government helped out the auto manufactures with a tax incentive to buy vehicles that weigh over 6,000 pound. It was pushed through as a way of helping farmers, but they didn't really benefit from it very much. But ever Tom, Dick and Harry real estate agent bought one because of the right-off. But now they are worth pennies on the dollar and now the auto manufacture get to sell everyone four cylinder cars like they should have.

And these hybrids -- they sure won't be worth much when they reach 80,000 miles. So you could say that they are an expensive lesson. And by they way, I met a guy who works in the automotive industry. He said the they whole thing about the hybrids being environmently friendly is a bunch of hog wash. The reason being that building them does more harm to the environment than they are suppose to protect.
For the people who commute, the small four cylinder car or truck is the way to go. Tell me I'm wrong.

Kind of funny how I had to learn that I have received a patent in Canada.

September 9th 2008: This week I revived the Caddy Trunk.

August  29th, 2008:You may like to have a look at the progress on Caddie Trunk #3,... This is the first one having all new lumber. The hardware is what just naturally transformed into being a part of it. The legs are made from an old weight lifting bench I found in a scrap pile. The Rustolum gloss blue sure produced a shinny finish on the legs and side rail hardware. I'm going to put a coat of stain to the old side boards I made out of some scrape several years ago. We'll call it fauxe finish, but hey they do the job.

I think it's pretty neat. like a portable pick up I can roll about in my one car garage.

caddy trunk with synchro-link truck


On August 19th '07 I checked the listing of my patent application at the CIPO and discovered that it was granted on August 7th.

That equals to about another 30 million.

Pretty Cool I'd say.

Beats collecting stamps.

June 30th of 2007: By just Googleing my name,
Dennis J. Sattler
I learned that there has been some interest in my Canadian patent application. It's been at the top of the list for a while now.

May 21th, already this week, 880 pages have been served up. We've got some serious readers in Plano, Texas and Chatham, England UK. These guys have spent a lot of time and read much of the important stuff I've got up and I hope they drop back by and check out the BS Plan and My Next Truck after I go through a rewrite and add some important material to it. Anyhow, if you are one of these guys, I would sure appreciate it if you e-mail and tell me what you think and state what I need to clarify or work on. Thanks.

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Sunday May 13th, 2007: I've been setting the 30 pages for this web-site.

May 15, 2007 this site was uploaded and launched on May 16, 2007.




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