December 18th,2011
I know I mentioned somewhere; that the Tooler got some flowers for the flower boxes. My customers think that they make it look less industrial. snychro-tooler tool box and sunnysides stick

November 6th,2011
The Yabah Dabah Nine Point Twos ended up just that; exactly 9.2 inch . I got threaded rod through them, and even got to try them out. No longer do I even need to chance it by backing it into the shop with the truck. It's just easier to drop it a few feet away from the door and a little run with it, the weight of it just propels it up the ramps on it own with no muscling around. They are definitely the hot to go idiom. Yabah Dabah 9.2 wooden wheels

October 19th,2011
The Tooler got an up-grade to Yabah Dabah Nine Point Twos. I still have some threaded rod to put through them, but as of this moment the primer is still drying on the washers.

Tooler going down the road on the back of a Synchro-link work truck

Introducing the most efficient Tool Box ever

It's nice to drive my truck with less load than my Camper. 

Synchro_toller with six foot ladder cramed inside

It works pretty nice even if there is lumber in the side rack
and it's pretty EZ to stuff a six footer inside too.


roll off tool box

The Synchro-Tooler

& Caddy-Trunk
This is one of the ways I like to place the Caddy-Trunk
under the Tooler while garaged.


synchro-tooler with stretch plank in plumbers' rack

At 6 ft 2-3 inches in height, it still has room for a lumber rack on top for the standard 7'0", but here I'm stuck with a 6'5"so the plumbers style rack on the side works pretty well.
      Get this: with new 8 inch wheels, it will rise another inch and the storage unit I just rented needs to have it come in at 6"5". I was planning to make the top racks move to the either up or down postion down, but the problem I've created for myself was that I wanted to have a center postion rack and that is something I'd have to be able to at least remove.

air compressor on synchro-tooler flad down table

>I got tired of having to carry so much weight up and down hills every day. I made the water separator out of a propane bottle. My fold down table works nice, but it should have been mounted lower and a bit longer too. Oh well.

On top of bottom cabinet is a good place for a microwave.
I bet few would like that idea. It's even got a pole organizer so that things like extension poles and levels have a good place to go.

Inside the rear portion of the Synchro-tooler tool box with tools

To the right, is a display of 1 foot deep shelve with the and intermediate flat top roll around cabinet for those even smaller mechanic type hand tools. Just low enough to see into it well enough.

 If you have a Jammer set, you will like the width of the dividers on the back wall shelving. Partition divider are spaced at 32 inches so the tools and equipment don't slide.

>Just under that is a cute organizer I made up myself for those smaller idioms that need small boxes.
          The cute part, it has six? at three different depths.           With removable dividers. I dig it.
See, that bottom board for holding paint cans and stuff, that's gotta go if you are a surfer and taller than 5'4" or 6. Any more than size 10 feet; might need a few more adjustments.

Less than 14 ft. of storage space is needed
when the Caddy-Trunk is placed underneath the Tooler.
Wooden wheels have proven to be non-marking on on asphalt


Sitting in a box of poison, the most revolutionary tool box in the world, all because a Sheriff deputy told his drug dealing brother lies. More info to the story at
Current Events - Poisoned @ MyStupidRules.

The Tooler came in at 700 pounds before triming it out

Its nice to be able to have room underneath for all those buckets of paint and or lumber pile. In other words, one can have a large organized tool box, over that heap of mess many of us always seem to have growing.

More About
Building the Synchro-Tooler

More About
Building the Synchro-Tooler


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Synchro-tooler with plumbers' rack in Redwood old school style

You may be wondering:

What is so damn revolutionary about the Tooler?

Well, unlike those utility truck beds that everyone in California seems to like. A worker doesn't have to walk from door to door searching for the tools they are looking for. You can reach everything from one place. A place that is in the shade or out of the rain.

I used the handy plumbers rack on the back side - it hauled my 24 ft. extension ladder with my stretch plank tucked right along side it just fine. Still had the other side for lumber.  

Fitting a fold down work bench on the front was one of those give and take situations.

Just got the fold down work bench doubling up ad a fold down table saw with the help of one of those too heavy 8.5 inch worm drives.

Fold up protable Tooler Tablesaw

However, it's a bit littler than the 100 pound vintage model, which happen to flip though the 4 ft wide door. The worm drive's torque will probably rip 2 X 4s' better and you just never know when a table-saw will come in handy.

Synchro-tooler Table Saw

I've began work on fold down ladder/lumber racks for the top.
  Unfortunately, I've had these collectors move in and they are crimping my style.
   However, one you see the new racks, you will see just how coplicated it is, trying to fit everything in and that good ol Rule #20


The lower cabinet of a roll around tool box (with the wheels removed,) which makes a finding smaller hand tools easier to find. It is set back so that the open draws don't get in the way of any project one has in the middle of the floor.

The shelving on the back wall can hold enough equipment to equal to about your average pickup bed filled to about 14 inches high.

My back shelve are 16 inches deep, deeper than most utility beds unless you have a dully.


A Year with the Tooler

A year ago, shortly after getting the Tooler road ready, it became a toxic mess.
However, I have got some hand on experience with the incredible device.
    I must say, the trick to the whole thing is the master stuff. The art of stuffing it full just before you go off to work.
    One thing I'd like to mention is that with the folks who have the longer frame rails, would naturally look into the prospects of getting 10 ft. sheeting because I feel the box at 9 ft, would make stuffing it with 8 ft. objects a breeze.
   It took notching out the shelf dividers and about a year to realize that it's way better to store the saw horses on their sides. (Got a photo coming up for that.)



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The Tooler came in at 700 pounds with the Door hardware and skin. The roof is 3/8" Plywood with _Snow Roof? Elastimaric? Supported by about a 1- 3/4 inch rise in the truses cut down from 2X4's

Thanks to the guys at Winsor for the use of their scales.

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Building Synchro-Tooler

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